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Videos from Maker Faire 2012

How does it work? Find out more in the Tire Swing Poster more videos at

Illumination Village Party Photos!

Here are some photos of the tire swing from the Illumination Village party! Preshow quiet setup. Child on Tire swing. Blurred Tire swing in action. We had a fun whirl with it. More Photos from the event can be found here (courtesy Christine Rosakranse) and here (courtesy Lorah Gross) For this setup we wrote an […]

What’s Next for the Interactive Musical Tire Swing?

The following simple hardwired setup will be our new test case. We discovered there is a breakout board for generating simple sounds. This will save us some time instead of trying to cut all of our own soundtracks. We are currently working on this implementation. We then will modify our system with bluetooth in order […]

Interactive Musical Tire Swing – Startup Weekend

Techshop SF Panorama, Photo courtesy @andybot The Interactive Musical Tire Swing is more than just a swing…. it is a swing that plays sound tracks and musical beats depending on the rider’s acceleration and rotation. The supporting chains and structure will also be illuminated with with LEDs that respond to the swing’s movement and will […]