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Wheaton Crimper Hack

The rubber push button on the Wheaton Crimpenstein can be tough to push after crimping several hundred vials, so I rewired the switch to an arduino. With the help of the CapSense Library a baby transistor and some copper tape + aluminium foil, we have a simple touch driven switch! Arduino Setup: It should probably […]

Videos from Maker Faire 2012

How does it work? Find out more in the Tire Swing Poster more videos at

Maker Faire Electronics Setup

We are using the following setup for the Musical Tire Swing at the Maker Faire: iPhone + Redpark Serial Cable to Arduino. The iPhone contains a gyrometer an accelerometer. We wrote an app in openFrameworks to handle all music. The Redpak serial cable connects to the 2 led strips that flash lights when the rider […]

Quick update on electronics for the swing

Here is an update on bluetooth wifi setup. The following image shows the setup we have improved upon since our Startup Weekend post. The bottom rectangle represents the electronics installed inside of the Tire and is battery powered. The top rectangle represents electronics and speakers outside of the tire and is 120AC powered. In the […]