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Aurora LED Wall on Art Car

A collaboration in August 2012 with Greg Friedman ( and Liam Holt produced a beautiful LED Wall mounted on the side of our Burning Man Camp’s Art Car. The LED wall displays scrolling text and graphic animations. Here is an an iPad app I wrote to help drive the wall display in the desert. The […]

Edge Lit LED Art

Watch it in action: My grandmother turns 100 this winter. In celebration I made her a small gift which included elements of old and new. Its a LED edge lit picture frame, with a floral design of 12 flowers, representing 1912, the year she was born. The pink background is silk. Each of the flowers […]

Magnets & LED Art

Magnetic pieces fluroresce when they pass over UV LED areas. The shape of the grid of LEDs is in the form of a transistor… (but only when all lights are on). 🙂 Led wall with magnets from christina c. on Vimeo. Led wall with magnets