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Edge Lit LED Art

Watch it in action:

My grandmother turns 100 this winter. In celebration I made her a small gift which included elements of old and new. Its a LED edge lit picture frame, with a floral design of 12 flowers, representing 1912, the year she was born. The pink background is silk. Each of the flowers contains a brass screw center, which effectively is a touch sensor. When you touch a flower, or a cluster of flowers a different lighting sequence will show.

How its made: The following items went into the frame to make it work.

Here is the basic schematic from adafruit for the ledstrip. Only one led strip was used in this frame. The strip was embedded tightly against the acrylic for the correct fit and alignment in order to get the lighting effect.

Schematic from Adafruit

A photo of the back panel. This was a bit of a last minute project so the breadboard and arduino were glued to the backing and then covered with a black plastic panel to keep everything together. We left the USB cord in place so that new color sequences could be programmed in the future.