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Science Hackday – Kinesutra

While I was building the tire swing this past spring, Liam Holt mentioned to me a kinetic project he was interested in creating, based on dance.The idea was to develop a prototype for a haptic feedback system that would help dancers correct their movements as they studied new choreography.

I really loved the idea because it resonated with me personally, from first hand experience I know it can take years to learn skills in a sport that requires fine motor control and coordination, such as figure skating.

kinect image

At  SF Science Hackday in November 2012, we put together a working demo with a great team and called it Kinesutra.

It was a short weekend project with a team of 10 people! The challenge of building a project over a weekend became so much easier with more hands at work. The organizers at the hackday was made life easier by allowing people to sleep overnight at the venue so that at the crack of dawn, everyone could have a headstart at working on the project again.

So what’s next? Hopefully we’ll get folks together once again outside of the hackday to refine it and present it again, possibly at a mini maker faire.

Also, see Wired Magazine Article for coverage on the SF Science Hackday event.