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Quick update on electronics for the swing

Here is an update on bluetooth wifi setup. The following image shows the setup we have improved upon since our Startup Weekend post. The bottom rectangle represents the electronics installed inside of the Tire and is battery powered. The top rectangle represents electronics and speakers outside of the tire and is 120AC powered.

Wireless Setup for Speakers

In the diagram below we are using a Sparkfun 6DOF (6 degree of freedom board) to capture accelerometer and gyroscope data from the tire swing’s movement. The board on the right will transmit the data via bluetooth gold mate from within the tire swing. When we install the board into the tire swing it will be battery powered.

Bluetooth setup

Here’s a video of the new 6DOF sparkfun breakout board transmitting data over bluetooth and working with the visual IMU demo program (special thanks to bildr blog and varesano). It will be powered by a battery placed within the tire and will transmit the accelerometer and gyrometer data wirelessly.

6DOF demo with bluetooth from christina c. on Vimeo.

Also, a bit of testing with the Sparkfun musical instrument shield. The music sequences are triggered by various readings from the 6DOF from bluetooth. Please note – the music in the videos are experimental only and will not be the final version.

We have 3 triggers for the tire swing action:

  • Yaw : This is a spinning motion. Primary chord sequence triggered above a specific threshold
  • Roll & Pitch: Secondary chord sequence is triggered
  • XYZ acceleration: A bump in the tire usually shows an increase in acceleration readings. This reading changes the Tempo of the chord sequence
  • Octaves are randomly selected to keep the chord sequences interesting and musical.

    music triggered by bluetooth from christina c. on Vimeo.

    The stereo line out from the musical instrument board connects directly to an external speaker system and be as loud or soft as we want it to be.

    Stereo line out from Musical Instrument breakout board