Aurora LED Wall on Art Car

Strangelove Art Car 2012

Strangelove Art Car 2012, Photo Shira Brettman

A collaboration in August 2012 with Greg Friedman ( and Liam Holt produced a beautiful LED Wall mounted on the side of our Burning Man Camp’s Art Car. The LED wall displays scrolling text and graphic animations.

IPad on Aurora LED Wall

Here is an an iPad app I wrote to help drive the wall display in the desert. The iPad was connected to a beagle bone via a Redpark serial cable.

See more technical details in Greg’s post here.


Edge Lit LED Art

Watch it in action:

My grandmother turns 100 this winter. In celebration I made her a small gift which included elements of old and new. Its a LED edge lit picture frame, with a floral design of 12 flowers, representing 1912, the year she was born. The pink background is silk. Each of the flowers contains a brass screw center, which effectively is a touch sensor. When you touch a flower, or a cluster of flowers a different lighting sequence will show.

How its made: The following items went into the frame to make it work.

Here is the basic schematic from adafruit for the ledstrip. Only one led strip was used in this frame. The strip was embedded tightly against the acrylic for the correct fit and alignment in order to get the lighting effect.

Schematic from Adafruit

A photo of the back panel. This was a bit of a last minute project so the breadboard and arduino were glued to the backing and then covered with a black plastic panel to keep everything together. We left the USB cord in place so that new color sequences could be programmed in the future.

Visit to a Beirut Hackerspace

Lamba Labs @ Halloween

The Lamba labs new hackerspace is located in Karaj beirut, a coworking space that is started and affliated with Ayah Bedir (little bits founder, TED speaker). It is a really nice old building just to the east of Genmayze, the party central district in downtown beirut. 

The first night I arrive, the Lamba locals help me plan out a beginner’s Arduino workshop for Lamba Labs, a hackerspace. I only heard about this place a few weeks ago from Bilal Ghalib who is working on an initiative to start Hackerspaces in the Middle East ( see  Since Istanbul is so close, and I’ve always wanted to see Beirut, I volunteered to help out (as part of my vacation) with the fledgling hackerspace.

Arduino Light Painting @ Lamba Labs

It was of good fortune to work with such talented and energetic people which made organizing really easy!  In my week in Beirut, I also helped create some marketing materials and participated in the weekend hackathon where we did had fun making light paintings with arduinos!  

Iraq’s First Hackerspace Will Run on ‘Irrational Optimism’

The Middle East and the Global Hackerspace Movement

Lamba Labs

All in all, Beirut was a productive, exciting and busy visit. If the opportunity arises again, I certainly hope to contribute to more hackerspaces internationally during my travels. Its nice to get to know locals and also feel like I’m contributing as a traveler, not simply passing through.  I hope that Lamba Labs has a great future. The hospitality and the energy of the people were wonderful as well.